Yes...I had to switch it on y'all! and for mostly one VERY SHALLOW REASON ONLY

Alicia Keys

Ahhhh yesssss!! CommenTerrence...I found your new best friend! Y'all can talk Mason's FOR HOURS!!!!
I adore Ms. Keys!!! I loved her ever since that warm summers night I watched Fallen premiere for the first time on Midnight love! I CRIED like a B...BABY when I first heard that track(I was also dating..or just got out of a situation with some HOODtastic fellow so I had a HOODmotional moment). The emotion she put into that song!!!! WooOOO!! IF MALIK EVER GETS OUT OF LINE I'm sticking that boy in time out and making him listen to A Woman's Worth on REPEAT!
Ms.Keys has gone from Cornrows to letting her fabulous SOULLLLL glow. She got the ball rollin and has NOT STOPED EVER SINCE! Her journey is inspiring nonetheless and to see her grow is truly FANTASTIC! Get em GIRL!! OH and Please BELIEVE you can catch Ms.Keys, Jilly from Philly, and Mary in this months Essence Magazine!

Okay, BUT THE REASON Ms. Keys had me switching up MAN FRIDAY was something a little bit deeper...something a tad bit more moving...something beyond insprings. Ladies & Gentlemen of The Trill I PRESENT TO YOU EXHIBIT A:

MS.KEYS!!! SHOW ME THE WAY TO THE ULTRA FLAT TUMMYYY!!! Do y'all see that??!?!? Do you see that?!?! If she can do it...I can TRY to do it too!! I'm posting this pic above my bed..on some ol' I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN type!! I need a TUMMY that flat by 7.19.08!! Y'all are gonna catch me on all kinds of Atkins, Fatkins, No More Snickers diets like nobodies BIDNASSS!!! 24 Hour Fitness is gonna have PRY me off that stair stepping machine!! ANNNND 1 & 2 AND 1 & 2!!! Catch me at Whole Foods Y'all I'm about to get my crunch on!!!

Here's more of Ms. Keys and her FANTASTIC TUMMY

As I always say (AND 1&2 AND 1&2)...gawk, plan imaginary weddings, plan your life together...LADIES go ahead and try to be HER...she'll be here for a week.


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Anonymous said...

Notice the guy staring at Ms. Key's ass with the "OH GOTT DAMN!!" face... Haha..

funny stuff.