Sick Day

His school got called, meetings got canceled, the phone went on silent, I turned into a Powerranger & a Transformer all within 2 mins. This is what Malik and I call a SICK DAY.

My Boogie spent all last night coughing up a storm. Half way through his slumber, he crept into my bed and knocked out right next to his Mommy. We woke up at 6 am..looked at each other and knocked right back out.

The dope thing about Malik is, whenever he's sick..HE KEEPS GOING! He never stops. He'll tell you a story about a red car and blue car until he's blue in the face while pausing to cough or sneeze a little somthing and then keep the party going.

Soilder is an understatement for my dope little one.

In the midst of me being the "bad guy" and Malik always being the "good guy", we managed to bang out one of Maliks favorite songs. He asked me if he could record "The Cool Song" as he calls it AKA Pigeon John's "Hello Everybody".
Ever since I put my lickle one on to that song, it's been the song of choice every night for bedtime.

So for your listening pleasures...The Cool Song Aka Hello Everybody REEEMIIXXEEEDDD

*side note: Malik always out's me on this treat thing..This time the "special treat" was for going potty right before he recorded this song and he decided to yell it all out at the end of the track. SMH.*


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