I need theme music for this.

Anyway, I seriously picked apart my own brain for a man worthy of this weeks MAN FRIDAY...and I tell y'all it's not easy...AT ALL.

So this weeks MAN FRIDAY MAN IS:

This MAN (well kinda) is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD*cues the Outkast-Extraterrestrial*! I dreamed of this MAN ever since I was about 6, wishing he would crash land into my garage. Mischievous? Maybe, but everyone likes a bad boy.
He's a MAN..or THING of MANY talents, and ladies he likes cats!

I'd be selfish if I didn't let you see him in action. So.....

*sigh* I miss REAL sitcoms.

As I always say (you guys should know this by now)...gawk, plan imaginary weddings, plan your life together...boys go ahead and try to be him...he'll be here for a week.


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