I've been deemed "Trilla Stewart" by Sara due to my new found love for.. *cough* cooking *cough*. Today I took my Trilla Stweartness to the next level...we( Malik and I) explored a place that no Trilla has gone before...the Garden son!! You read it right...the dag on GARDEN!!!

Malik an I planted cucumbers...*sigh* I don't know if I even planted them things rights...on the real. I called myself being all earth friendly and took soil from an old flower pot and recycled the dirt in a new one. I screamed about 5 or 6 times...due to surprise visits from unwanted bug friends...or "buzzy guys" as Malik calls them.

A Trilla even got DIRT under her nails ( you know that got scrubbed out PRONTO)!!!

I'll update y'all on the cucumber growth and all that....I think I may even name the survivors...I'm thinking something like DMCucumber...Rah Cucumber and Big C.... OooOoO How about the NOTORIOUS CU.CUM.BER!!!

We'll see.

Trilla Stewart

L.A. All Day For Rae

Martin Luther King to Leimert Park :

Welcome Home - Kurupt

Love you boobie - S.


As Promised...

...You asked for it...

Blessings & Xoxo
Rae & Sara ♥

It's. About. To. Go. DOWN!

....*shurgs* I don't know...there may be a video...some photos... all of that.

You may get a small peek inside something so dear to me....my closet...

who knows.

I think this COULD be good.

I'm not sure yet....I'm waiting on Sara to get here.



Fafinettes ♥

Call me twisted but I adore these and I continue to cream and be inspired by fabulous Fafi. This is her latest ad series in Vogue Nippon (because Japan steady stays getting all the gushy stuff before we do) and she's coined the little girls, Fafinettes.

Thank Miss B. and their Sarah for another amazing swipe...&hearts

Xoxo - S.


Okay...Seriously though. I think this is one of the best movies I've seen (besides Sex And The City) this year. On the real Pixar did a fantastic job...and the story line was incredibly DOPE and moving.

I left the theater feeling like this movie alone could change the world....lol seriously.



...this is a long one...


Kenny Isn't a Write Blocker...

....this is what writers block looks like.

...well mine anyway. Sometimes it get worse...sometimes I throw things....sometimes I cry...etc....etc.

If it wasn't for Sir Fresh..*ahem*..Kenny...Fresh....I would have found a creative space in my bed ....underneath my Rainbow Brite Blanket (oh you don't believe me???).

Thank you for your love my fellow OKP Sir. You truly are F-R-E-S-H...FRESH FRESH FRESH...

I must...write on.



Norma Kamali

For the next summer shoot...

Norma Kamali

Xoxo - S.


My Favorite Color is.....Green.

Al Green to be exact.

I have no words...this man gave me chills! This is HOW YOU SANG!!! This is how I aspire to sing. This is SINGING THE SONG. The emotion of every word clings on to your soul with a death grip. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE!!

Oh but it ain't even DONE YET! Jill, Anthony,& Maxwell...WOoOooooOOO!! JESSSSUUUSSSS!!!

Maxwell came back with a bang!! And ladies...WoOoOoo LADIES!! HEYYYYY BOOOO!


Juicy Suits

Juicy Suits // Poolside style from boutiques to the Bins

PHOTOGRAPHY // Adrian Adel // adrianadelphotography.com

STYLIST // Sara Moskovitz // Trillville ♥

JEWELRY // Amy Lux // www.luxjewelry.biz

HAIR // Rachel Brady // myspace.com/missbrown

MAKE-UP // Jack Caton // myspace.com/deejayjacklovesyou

NAILS // Saqualla // Divassi Nails // NE 35th Ave. and B'Way PDX

ON MARINA: Shutter shades in red, Compound; Ralph Lauren polka suit, Macy’s; Tap pants, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; Sam Edelman “Faith” flat, Sole

ON NICOLE: Floral top, Goodwill Bins; blue floral side-tie boy short, Popina Swimwear; Sam Edelman “Damia” gold metallic wedge, Sole

ON SHILO: Homeroom “5 Panel” hat, Destroy; Shutter Shades, Compound; Modern Amusement V-neck tee, Local 35; Paint Splatter zipper vest, Hipposchemes; Levis Shoreline plaid board shorts, Macy’s

ON NICOLE: Araks Petra one-piece suit, Lille

ON NIKI: Victorian Cut-Out suit, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; footed tights, Red Light; Oh…Deer! heels, Sole

ON MARINA: Puff neck piece, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; sparkle top, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; side-tie boy short, Popina Swimwear; Lovely People “Frida” wedges, Johnny Sole

ON BINNY: Wayfarer shades, PrettyUgly; necktie and patchwork vest, Hipposchemes; “Where We Be” tee, Destroy; Plaid “Shut Up” shorts, The Hundreds for Compound

ON BINNY: “Houndstooth Wars” hat, Destroy; Yoko Devereaux tank, Local 35; KZO “The Traction Shorts,” Local 35

ON LIZ C.: Animal print one-piece, Goodwill Bins; Explode FuturZ vest, Paperdoll Fashion

ON JAVAR: Rainbow-print tee (on head), Upper Playground; screenprint tee, Steez Clothing

ON JESSICA: Ralph Lauren floral bikini top, Macy’s; acid wash vest, Goodwill Bins; tube skirt and puff tie, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; metallic animal print/fishnet leggings, Goodwill Bins

SHOES (LEFT TO RIGHT): Sam Edelman “Damia,” Sam Edelman “Faith,” BCBG Girls “Buffy,” All from Sole

Get The Goods:

Compound 107 NW 5th Ave., 796-2733, compoundgallery.com. $$$.

Destroy 1712 E Burnside St., 236-7339, destroystore.com. $$.

Goodwill Bins 1740 SE Ochoco St., 230-2076, meetgoodwill.com. $.

Hipposchemes thegoldenkalf.net. $$.

Johnny Sole 815 SW Alder St., 225-1241, johnnysole.net. $$$.

Lille 1007 E Burnside St., 232-0333, lilleboutique.com. $$$.

Local 35 3556 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 963-8200, local35.com. $$.

Luxury Jones for Seaplane 827 NW 23rd Ave., 234-2409, e-seaplane.com. $$$$.

Macy’s 621 SW 5th Ave., 223-0512. $$.

Paperdoll Fashion heathertreadway.com. $$$.

PrettyUgly prettyuglyonline.com. $.

Popina Swimwear 4831 NE 42nd Ave., 282-5159, popinaswimwear.com. $$$.

Red Light 3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 963-8888; 333 SW 10th Ave., 231-2415. $$.

Sole 1033 NW Couch St., 222-7653. $$$.

Steez Clothing steez360.com. $.

Upper Playground 25 NW 5th Ave., 548-4835, upperplayground.com. $$.

Prices: $—$1-$50. $$—$50-$100. $$$—$100-$150. $$$$—$150+.

Spinderella Ella Ella Ella

PASSING THROUGH: Extended Q&A with Spinderella
June 25th, 2008 [7:08AM] Posted by: Sara Moskovitz on Willamette Week's Local Cut

[DJ EXTRAVAGANZA] The classic, East Coast accented and honey-dipped voice coming through the phone is just as sweet, sincere and sassy as it is every week on Deidra “Spinderella” Jones’ nationally syndicated radio show, The BackSpin. Jones—the L.A.-based, Brooklyn-bred Salt-n-Pepa DJ who’s been at the decks since 1985—took a moment in between hectic travel-prep errands to talk about the glorious ’80s and how’s she amped to guest this Thursday at weekly Portland hip-hop/dance party the Fix. Bust out the jellies and Lip Smackers—it’s time to reminisce.

You’re someone who’s truly seen hip hop evolve. What over the years has stuck out for you and made an impact, especially being a female DJ very early in the game?
Jones: Growing up, you start realizing that it changes and, just what you said, it evolves. You’ve got to go with the flow. The industry turns a corner and music turns a corner and then you have to fit yourself into that. Musically, as a group, we have evolved. It’s going to keep changing. It’s not going to stay like this, you know? We’ve got to grow with it.

When you and the girls started out, you were really young. Did you have any idea that you were pushing boundaries and opening doors for other young women, or did you not really have a sense about the industry back then?

I started out just going with the flow. Then I would hear from a lot of our fans out there, “This song made me do this,” and “It was because of y’all that I got the strength to leave that abusive situation, because of how you girls stood up.” It was fun at first but then it became something that had a little bit more responsibility in it.

Absolutely. On the more fun side of that, how did it feel to see other girls rocking asymmetrical hairdos, stretch pants and over-the-knee boots in emulation of your style?
It was funny, because we started some trends. [It’s] really crazy, but we’ve been responsible for a lot of girls losing their hair. We used to look in the audience and all their hair was blond. I see how it’s come full circle. Some of those looks are back and I’m like, “Wow, that looks cute. Wait, we used to have that!”

I’ve read that you would dance around your Brooklyn apartment when you were little. Who did you love listening to?
My dad would play music while I was growing up. I had the opportunity to listen to all the old stuff. My favorites would be Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. I loved Diana Ross and the Supremes, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, DeBarge. I loved all the old music that my parents would be playing, so I kind of have that instilled in me.

When I listen to The BackSpin, as a huge fan and someone who adores hip-hop, you’re a comforting voice because you know the history so well.
I know the history, but sometimes I have to ask around, too, and do a little research. But it is a good thing to come from back then. Most people that were born in the ’80s or after did not have the pleasure of what we had, actually living it, being in it.

Do you ever feel the weight to educate younger generations, or do you think they’re going to have their own vision of hip-hop for their lifetime?
There is definitely a responsibility to educate and put out what you know. The younger generations, they start their own, but it didn’t just get created with them. It started before them.

What do you think about the Top 40 music out today?
I enjoy some of the music out, and, I have to say, a lot of it is, like, oh my gawd. A lot of it is redundant. I love Ne-Yo, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne. Whether you might like it or not, they’re passionate about it. With the newer generation of artists coming through the door a lot times, there’s someone who makes the wheel turn [for them], but you’ve got to have that within you.

Thinking back, is there a particular show or interview on The BackSpin that sticks out?
Talking to Nas. He was one of my favorite interviews and people to talk to period. I can ask those questions like, “Yo, what are you feeling now? Is hip-hop really dead? Is it dead to you?”

How does a bigger hip-hop city like L.A. think of hip-hop in Portland or the Northwest? Have you heard of Ohmega Watts or Rev. Shines or Kez, the Fix’s resident DJs?
I’ve heard of them, [and] I hear that the particular spot that I’m playing, I can just be me. I can zone in, really. My love is when I can go into this set called the Logic because I can really play some joints. I’m sure I can gather a lot and get a lot from the guys that I’m going to see out there DJing. I’m looking forward to it.

Please do. There’re some heads out here. Give it to us.
[Laughing] Give it to you?! Do you want me to give it to you? Because, listen, if you tell me that, it’s on.

What are some of the gems we can expect to hear from you?
Some of my favorite hip-hop stuff comes from artists like Gang Starr, Pete Rock, O.C. I can go all the way to Black Moon, Slick Rick, I love the Wu-Tang, I really love Jazzy Jeff. I hope that everyone is receptive to it and open for the classics.

Is anyone you haven’t collaborated with or interviewed yet that you’d like to?
At this time right now, I’m really trying to get it together for myself, and hopefully me and the girls get it together. We’ve been talking and we’re getting closer to that moment where we’re about to do something again. We’re going to be getting together to do a show and working on some new material coming soon, and I’m just looking forward to that second round. It took us some time because we had to go through our personal issues. But I think at this point, I’ve let everything go. They let their things go, and they called me on it. We’re probably at a point right now that it’s like, “Okay, let’s go on and do this. Forget all the drama, let’s just do this and go make music.”

Do you have time for “This Or That”?

L.A. Gears or Reebok’s $54.11s?

Heavy D. or Big Daddy Kane?
Heavy D.

Rock the Bells or the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival?
Oh! I’m kind of caught. Wasn’t Mos Def at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival?

I’m sure he has been, yeah.
Probably. I’m going to have to say the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

TLC or 3LW?

Melrose Avenue or Rodeo Drive?
Rodeo. [Laughs] I aspire high!

Vinyl or Serato?
Argh! You’re going to get me in trouble. I’m 50/50 on that one because I love vinyl and I cannot say I would ever leave it. I still have my vinyl but Serato helps. My chiropractic bills went down because I used to have to carry crates.

Xhane or Changing Faces?
Oh wow. Xhane.

Wet n’ Wild or Bonne Bell?
Wet ‘n Wild

1988 or 1998?
’88! ’88! ’88! ’88! Really big and bold!

MC Lyte or Da Brat?
You’re going to have someone coming after me. I would say both but I love MC Lyte, that’s my girl.

Salt or Pepa? I’m just kidding!
[Laughing] Oh gawd, I was gonna say! I’ll have to give ‘em both back! They’re both bad for your health! No, I’m just kidding!

Spinderella guest DJs at the Fix Thursday, June 26, with Rev. Shines, Ohmega Watts and DJs Kez and Dun Diggy at the Someday Lounge. 9 pm. $10. 21+.


The Dressing...

Show a little leg.


Roses are Red...errrUmmMm...Pink...

....these are the roses from Sara...that you'll be giving back to her...once you see the blogs she's FINNA post tomorrow.



I really like saying Bangladesh....

Yeahhh we're kinda like SOME MEN...we leave you for a moment and then come back with some extra good stuff to make it up to you...then leave you again...
What can we say....We've learned from the best of them...



Filthy little company with sick headphones, should that sort of thing float your boat.

Xoxo - S.

Mami Do You Want Me...

Wow Sara...Wow!!!!! You brought back memories. Though I may seem focused (crazy) and poised please don't throw on The Truth. If I had a weave...right then and there it would be on the FLO!!!

Just the other night Myself and a ......."Friend" ran through the entire TRUTH album..reciting the lyrics like we were the lost members of State Property.

I can put you and your whole crew on all things Beanie, Peedi, Freeway, Chris & Neef, annnndd Oschino & Spark...things you haven't even heard yet!

Don't get me started on the movies....

There is a hood chick from Philly that lives inside me. Throw on anything Beanie and you'll see her come out...

Thank YOU Sara




Beans for Avis

Dear Rae Rae,

I dunno how in the H-E-double hockey sticks trillaboos has slowly been getting turnt (yes boobie, turnt) out like a hard-working trick into an open love letter between us but it has so I'm finna (yes boobie, finna) keep it rolling.

It kinda sorta really makes me happy.

That being said, no idea how or why but this Beanie joint, which has been in my head all day, is my song response to your most recent blog to moi.

Besos y besos.

Feel It In The Air - Beanie Sigel


...Thank you for a way great date....I couldn't have enjoyed Dior Gladiators, Fendi Belts, Louie for that *BEEP*, the red sole of Louboutin's etc etc etc with anyone else. Oh Oh Oh and The Cold Stone, "student i.d." and kids meal...only you could adore my hoodtastic tricks.

This is for you boo...


Blessings Rae♥


One Of A Kind=Pixie Market

First of all I must say shout out to Kingdom of Style for being on their grind...DAILY!!

I'd marry that site if I could.

Anyway...I shall....proceeeed.