MiNi Aka E=Wild'n Out

This is some B.S.!!!!

Can you believe this??!?! Little ol' Mimi is engaged to the corniest (and wackest rapper) man on EARTH..Nick Cannon.

As I tell Malik..."That is NOT okay!!"

How does this happen!??! Didn't he just get out of a situation?!?? Doesn't he have a show that's flopped he needs to worry about?!?!?

MiMi!!! Come on BooBoo!!! This dude better have a great personality because this...this is some "the world must be ending" type ish!!

What's in the water Tinsel Town?!?!?

I will say this. Are you listening? Kudos to that Cornball for being able to pull someone like MC. His Mama must be proud.


This better be a publicity stunt.

1 comment:

theScholar3000 said...

that's crazy, how did Nick Cannon
pull Mariah Carey?

this can't be life...