Sexy, Sexy..HaaaHHAAAA!

Before I start...picture that pretty black thing (i.e. the dress) on a pretty black thing! I'm just sayiiiinnn! I think I've found my wedding dress!! OooOo in like a fly color!! Shoootttt maybe even black!!! I've found it!!! Now I just gotta find the Boo to go with it.

Anyway, first the UK and then the U.S.! Sex and The City premiered in London yesterday (I'm jealous)!! Sara I promise I won't cop a bootleg!!! The countdown is on!! Sex and The City hit's theaters in the U.S. May 30th! Ladies bust out your Choo's!!! IT'S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN!


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Anonymous said...

Imma buy a new dress and smuggle in Cosmo's in a to go cup:) I can't wait! Hee hee --Miss C. Franklin