Uggly & Sick

You'll never see these THINGS leave the house. EVER! They may take a quick trip to the mail box...but thats where it stops. These THINGS are like a REALY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY not so easy on the eyes boyfriend (I'm talking flavor flav status), THEY HAVE GREAT PERSONALITIES...thats about IT.

I say all this to say...these swag-less abdominal snowman boots are gracing my feet today because I'm sick...again.
This crap came on Tuesday, left, and then came back super MEAN today.

I DO NOT LIKE BEING SICK! NOT AT ALL! I HATE IT! I can't get work done!
My sick theory is this: If I can move..I'm going. END OF STORY. Even if I wanted to rest.. I couldn't. I have to be EXTREMELY SICK to stop.

I can say this, I'm glad this sickness took a break for Mama's Day and the completion of my special song...with a special guest...produced by a special person. You'll never know who it is until I decide to let you hear the track.

And IF you happen to find out and tell....OoOoOoOOOOOO have you ever seen a Cuban & Creole girl flip?!?!

A Sick Rae♥

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