Happy Mothers Day AKA Another OKP Jack..

...I really don't know how to feel about this. I have mixed emotions.

I mean I'm all for little emcee's...Malik has NO problem kicking a freestyle once every couple of weeks (he's pretty committed to being a B-Boy and A Transformer right now). As long as the rhymes are positive and the young one isn't trying to drop anything like it's hot or crank anything other then his tri-cycle....I'm good...I may not dig it...but I'm good.

This litttle fly, just shy of his two front teeth falling out (Malik told me that was the style nowadays for any emcee under 7) lyricist pays homage to TUPAC's "Dear Mama" with his own little twist.

The tike touches on being proud of his single mommy (awwwwwwww) doing her THANG and bringing up a young man such as himself. As a single parent I'm ALLLLLLL FOR the single Mama love...IT'S HARD WORK!

I mean it's cute ...it really is...I'm just torn.

Give it a look...


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