We'll be back 8.31.08


100% JUICE

THIS THIS THIS SATURDAY. Goodness. It's going to be just lovely.

Xoxo & Blessings♥ - The Trillabooboos


Do It NOW!


Please....add... me.


Janelle Monae : ♥

Monae with band at the Doug Fir Friday, August 22, 2008 as seen on wweek.com's Local Cut

Undoubtedly the most captivating, energetic, emotional, live performance by a female artist I have ever seen.

Xoxo - S.

Thank you Leigh...

April 3, 2007 Timbaland aka One of the most proficiently creative producers of our generation, dropped Shock Value, his second solo studio album. Leigh played this track, laden with Nina Simone's Sinnerman sample (can we say stunning? yes, we can.) today while entertaining guests at his MTV cribs-like spot. I made him press the repeat button three times.

I cannot fathom 1) How I slept on Shock Value and 2) How I missed out on hearing this track the first time around over a year ago. My faith in production skills has been restored.

Xoxo - S.

Double PDX Fashion Recap

FASHION FOREVER : As seen on wweek.com

http://wweek.com/wwire/?p=12839 : ♥

Xoxo - S.


Red Light, Green Light

I think I'm gonna dedicate this song to Sara....




I put up a snippet...on my myspace music page.


give me thy feedback...

should I keep my day job???


Meet Kitty Ali.

I'd like you all to meet my new boo...he lacks the whole "modern militant" thing....however....he's SO ILL.

Put your hands together for Kitty Ali

NAME:Kitty Ali.

HOMETOWN: A hood far, far, far, away(Deluge's computer)

SEX: Gangsta

AGE: Only 1 week...but my mind is old

FAVORITE COLOR: What's color??

FAVORITE QUOTE: I got 99 problems but a kitty ain't one


Gushy Stuff : ♥

Xoxo - S.

Janelle Monae

The lovely and talented Miss Janelle Monae as seen on WW's Local Cut today.

Artist awareness shout-out to Rae, my BFF boobie of all boobies. Love you.

Xoxo - S.

"If I Don't Come Up The Sun Won't"

AhhhhHhhHHH YESSSS...that GOOD stuff is back.



Your A Shining Star...

Happy Birthday Star!!!

I hope it's filled with with....UPDATES.



Hey Jake...

After your done Jamming at the Juice Jam...

God Bless the 30th!!


Ode to Mighty...

....your protege....


Explode La Mode

As seen on wweek.com :

It was a great show.

All snaps by Minh Tran.

Xoxo - S.


Mario & Naomi : The Empire Strikes Back

Ugh overtime. This is the most gorgeous fashion photoshoot I've seen so far this year. Mario Sorrenti shot Ms. Campbell on the lean streets of Manhattan in a 12-page black and white spread for V Magazine. The images are gritty, Naomi's poses are haphazardly placed, the couture is absolutely at the top of its game and New York's corners are just as they should be; grimy, grainy and grandiose.

Also in the issue (and gracing the cover in barely there butt cheek exposed shredded denim) is none other than the leggy, anatomically amazing Brazilian bombshell Gisele. I was happy with the spread but the interview with her was the real treat. She is amazingly down to earth and more concerned with being able to live a paparazzi-free life and paying scientists to study future global environmental threats than buying $50 bottles of nail polish and being a Vicki's Secret supermodel.

V hit the newsstands the same time Italian Vogue dropped their first ever All Black Issue. Black models and fashion designers from cover to cover. I flipped through it at Rich's Cigar Store on Alder St. a couple weeks ago, agonizing over the $15 price tag. Even though the concept is classic, I so prefer dropping a wad of cheddar on mags like W, V and Trace simply for the ability to drink in the oversized, glossy pages. Perfect for wallpapering.

Xoxo - S.