Sucker Free

Saturday May 10, 2008 stands to be a sucka free day for Portland. A couple ultra cornballs have fled city limits and with just a few left to go, things are looking lovely.

Come Monday, the city loses 95.5FM which has provided Portland with the same 25 commercial pieces of crap for so many years. I am saddened by one aspect of this closure which has to do with a particular underground show.

To celebrate a new era for the city we adore and cherish, Wicked and Wels (Style Molesters) kicked off their new monthly old school affair at the Tiger Bar - Under new management (for the umpteenth time), I was excited to have a reason to hang at a spot on Broadway I've always had an affinity for. Their food menu stands points above the competition, the layout is comfortable and they still have the most banging outdoor sign of any lounge/bar/venue in town. Grrrrrrrrrrreat. Ha.

Happy as a clam in salt water - S.

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