Meanwhile...Below The Heavens...

His 6'4 frame smoothly walked out on the stage. Eyes covered by some ILL shades...you know the kind you can only get in L.A.. He surveys the crowd as every single person is screaming their hearts outs. He IS a DOPE EMCEE. As he's checking out the whole PDX steez he looks in my direction and mouths... "I like your hair" and then proceeds to grab my hand and does a very polite...recognizing I'm a woman kinda hand shake/hold. I almost fainted. I WAS THE FIRST PERSON who he touched after coming on that stage. I wanted to die. It was like God knew!! I admire this man. I'm not easily impressed by emcees nowadays. I felt like he was MJ (when he was still black) and I was one of those adoring fans! Let's minus the prototype boo stuff (besides, that residency is already occupied), what people fail to realize is this man gives me the same LYRICAL chills that Common gave me when I first checked for him(coincidentally He IS one of my favorite emcees). Thats a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG HONOR IN MY BOOK. I never go who-ha over those who tan in the lime light. I'm on some of that "YOU BLEED LIKE ME TOO NINJA" type. There's only a very SELECT few who make me feel like a 12 year old girl again...and he's one of them. I promise you at that moment...I turned to Sara and said "I'm never washing my hand again"...she rolled her eyes...and then reality smacked me in the back of my head and reminded me how HORRENDOUSLY GROSS that would be. I'm thankful. Very thankful. That is an ILL dude.

This is only part 1 of the trip...


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