I I I I I I I luh you Rae. You are an amazing mommy with more humor, patience and humility in your left pinky than I posses in my entire everything. Boogie Woogie Bear is an extremely lucky "lickle one" and I can not wait until he's just a wee bit older so I can him kidnap on occasions like these and make Mother's Day sticky arts and craft presents for you.

Until then, here's what I got you this year. It's being UPS'ed as I type...

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RaeRaeAvis said...

And you even ended with a LIGHT BRIGHT!?!?!? Oh My GONG OH MY GONG!!! You are THE BEST! Seriously I got realllllyyy emo reading this. This is like the best gift EVER!!!!!!!!!!! *does the robot* I'm framing this!

I heard UPS be bugging nowadays make sure that ish gets here on time!