Dimepiece F/W '09

I dig it a lot but...there's something very K-Mart about it, not sure exactly what it is. Maybe if the gray cotton wasn't as thick or was a different shade of gray. Maybe it's the model and her corny accessories that's bugging me. I dunno. Maybe I'm letting my own personal opinions about the consistently awesome designer Laura from Dimepiece collaborating with Cassie, who is undoubtedly gorgeous but not so much since she shaved half her head. Not a good look on her. No m'am. This is a trick many will try and only few will pull off. Grow it back Cassie child!

xoxo | S.


Portland Pearl Apt. Test Shoot | ♥

Christine Taylor Photographed | Exzabe Modeled | I Played Dress Up

Handsome plaid suit by PDX designer darling Adam Arnold.

XO | S.

Sauvie Island Test Shoot | ♥

BriAnne Wills Photographed | Stephanie Leppert Modeled | I Played Dress Up

The apple bandana top is my ma's. She is amazing. She made it and wore it all the time when she was pregnant with me.

XO | S.

Live From New York V Magazine Shoot | ♥

Flawless. I might have peed myself just a little when I saw this. Classic New York city in all her glory, in crisp black and white photography, wickedly styled by Jane How, who I will be stalking from now on.

XO | S.


* Ragen is Fykes having a BIRTHDAY!!! *

It would be significantly easier to wish you a happy birthday if you were on Facebook

What's that Rae Rae? Oh, I see. You're already on Facebook? Hmm, well what about Twitter? That too, I see, I see. And Myspace, Freshselects, Rolling Stone, iTunes, Tumblr, YouStream, Amazon, Blogspot and OkayPlayer? Ooof, wow, well...I guess I'll just re-post this on your recently re-activated Black Planet account page then.

Oh, and with the economy and all,

I'm going to regift something special for you

Make that something VERY special.

Happy birthday boobie. Here's to many, many more. Or at least like, one or two more.

I love you a lot.

PS: You didn't have to get my name permanently tatted on your right ass cheek when you were in the Bay. I was planning on taking you out Wednesday and getting you shit faced on passion fruit pepper cocktails regardless.





Kool G Rap & Nas | Fast Life

Fast Life - Kool G Rap;Nas

Old school forefather and newer school about-to-be-a-father. Groan. That was weak. This track however, is classic hip hop.

xoxo - S.


DJ Zimmieeeeeeeeee

DJ Zmmie

Club life is better because of him.

xoxo - S.