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Cambodian Breast Milk
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Through my travels across the world the Western Hemisphere the South, I’ve come across a plethora of women who seem to have the same question no matter what:

How do I tell if the dude is really feeling me or not?

Now as a man, this seems like total common sense. I feel like men let you know in damn near every conceivable way if we’re interested, but alas, women over think every gotd*mn thing so it stands to reason that most women wouldn’t have the foggiest idea that a man was interested. In fact, most women I know try to think themselves out of liking a dude who probably likes them just in case he doesn’t like them…all the while hoping he does. It’s the most vexing conundrum of all the enigmas.

So as a service, allow me to help out.


1. He calls you first – If a man actually calls you first it means he wants to talk to you which is a clear sign of interest. Anytime you do all the calling to a dude, well, he probably only answers when he’s not getting his knob shined by the chick he actually likes.
2. He calls you first (b.) – He actually talks about nothing with you. You know what I’m talking about. Those asinine conversations about who’s probably got longer toenails and the fact that Sideshow Bob was really the most complex and dynamic character in the history of network television. Any dude willing to sit engage you in those conversations is interested. Otherwise the long convo would go like this:

MAN: So when you gonna come thru and let me see what color your panties are?
WOMAN: You so crazy!

(One hour later)

MAN: So when you gonna come thru and let me see what color your panties are?
WOMAN: You STILL so crazy!

Move on chica. Move on.

3. He takes you out…in public and touches you in a romantic way – I’ll never understand why women go on dates where they don’t have to get dressed (i.e. “movie night”). If you really like a dude make hi take you out. If he isn’t putting forth any effort, he just wants to know if you’re hairs the same color all over your body, if you catch my drift.
4. He hasn’t seen you naked yet, but he’s always willing to do whatever it takes to see you, even if that just means standing on your front porch to talk. I can’t stress this enough, but anytime a man NEVER feels like he’s going out of his way to do something for you, he’s sprung. If you ask for Cambodian breast milk for your Billy Goat and it has to come from the Bronx, and you live in Seattle and he’s like, “oh its okay, I was going to New York in the morning anyway, I’ll stop by and get you some. Do you also want some Burmese too? I can run through Maine and pick that up too.” Yeah, dude is feeling you. He’d also like to feel you.


5. Bottom line – anytime a dude is willing to spend any amount of real time with you or on you, he’s feeling you. If he doesn’t ever want to go out or talk to you for an extended period of time or never hints at any activity that would require a considerable block of time out of his day to complete…

…well he’d rather play Wii or Playstation. Unless you want to give him some of that good lovin’.

In which case, he’s got all the time in the world.

It was written.


You get the point right??


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theScholar3000 said...

i just came to say that as a man
i cosign this post 100%. each point
is accurate and gives insight into
the male mind.