This picture makes me BEYOND HAPPY! God Willing, if my music takes me to another destination...I wanna be an Okayplayer Artist.

Okayplayer is an abundance of FANTASTIC, OUTSPOKEN, CREATIVE, INSANE, UNQUIE, FUNNY, POLITICAL, DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY group of individuals. Only on OKP can you log on, get the latest OKP news directly on the front page, and then run over to the boards and get relationship advice, movie recommendations, music reviews, today's latest drama, OKP beef, parental guidance, new homies in your hood, tour dates, youtube clips, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE... YOU MAY EVEN engage in a convo with Questlove or Ms.Badu...all on one site! IT EVEN HAS IT'S OWN LINGO (and dare you ask someone what it means)!!!

If I can't make a decision on anything from an outfit to potty training techniques... I go to OKP.
When I see this picture I smile, make an okay sign with my fingers and scream OKAYYYY!!!! Even though my post go wood..A LOT! I LOVE THAT SITE. It's the epitome of everything real...and everything you wanted to say.
Okay? Player.

Peep Mos' hand at about 00:11 when he says Okay..

And 3:38

True OKP Fam..


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Kenny Fresh said...

maaan, you ALREADY know.

btw, you've seen this one, right?

i've never seen the full movie but that trailer is dope