Oh Khaleed...

...Ain't he fine??!?!? He may not be a "pro" but my new boo is oh so perfect for me. Last night he whispered something about computer love!!! *sigh* I think I'm in love!! World meet Khaleed, Khaleed meet the world....

Rae ♥ Khaleed

...High Hills...

*sigh* It may be just super corny and ridiculous to some...on the other hand it may be funny and silly to others. I find it HILARIOUS!!!!

So I have to give you the prelude to this epic short. This all stems from the "leap of faith" I took at Ms. Beat Street Sara's crib the weekend before.

I decided to cop some super fly heels to wear out to my boo boo's birthday extravaganza. The shoes were amazing..uncomfortable but cute. Anyway...so after a fly night at Heavy Rotation we decided to head out to this after spot. We danced and we laughed etc etc etc. So we're leaving and we had to walk down this steaaaaaaaaaapppp hill. I'm kinda freaked out because I'm still recovering from the L I took the week before. As I'm trying to make my way down this hill I look up and SHILO is recording the whole thing.

Unfortunately it didn't record the sound...so we decided to freak it a little bit..

So for your viewing pleasure...I present... HIGH HILLS..



*sigh* It's been a LONG time.. We shouldnt have left you...without a dope blog to...you know the rest!!

What can we say...we've been trying to do the THANG!! It is now safe to grab the tissue and dry your eyes!!

In all our movin and shakin...we happened to slow down(well not really...we still continued to move and shake..we just kept it on the dance floor) this January 18th in observance of a wonderful, fantastic, scrumshish, ill, hood, amazing, yummy, check baby check baby 1,2,3,4, kinda day. Ms.Beat Street Sara's B-DAY...or shall we say TRILL-DAY!!

THATS RIGHT BABIESSSSS!!!!!! The amazing boo turned...ummm... lets see... 21 again.

We had to celebrate in a big way (well...as big as Sara would let us..)!! CHECK IT CHECK IT CHECK IT OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT


I'm Just Sayin...

My NEW B♥♥ ...
He's got that GOOOOD HAIR!!!


Seriously...we welcome them at TRILLVILLE♥ ....


Phosphate in '08

Rae and I whooped in '08 at the Chesterfield with DJs Skeme Richards from Philly (Rock Steady Crew among a plethora of other accolades around the world) and our very own Jyant of the Moon Patrol Crew and the PDX Belligerent Buttermilk Baby Makers. Say that three times fast. The heels came out, the '80s fits came out (all day, every day) and the two of us sipped Shirley Temples with our pinkies out and imbibed the revelry...

S & R: Happy Trill Year!!

R: Y'all get the breakdown, pun intended, for the new year! I took a little trip to Value Village on Senior Citizen Monday, copped some ill trilla gear, stopped by Fred Mizzles coped a flat iron and Aqua-net and it had to be scented - It brings me back to my sister's chola days when she would be in the store and would spray herself these bouffant bangs, right there in the aisle.

S: Why didn't the advertising think tank at FM 95.5 call their concert with Wu-Tang, "Happy Wu Year"?! I'm just saying, how much cuter is that....

R: I don't know, maybe they couldn't because of copyright crap.

S: So, we're looking forward to Lupe...

R: Wait, you mean, my baby's father, Lupe Fiasco?! And as a matter of fact, you might as well call me Rae Fiasco.

S: Did we see anything crazy last night?

R: Yes we did!!! Okay, so there were these super, duper drunk trillas. They were so drunk, we can't even call them trillas. Man - you know how sometimes, a trilla'll be dancing, all off beat and what not and her friend was on the bench and she went to give her friend a hug and her boo fell off the bench and they both fell, on the ground, on top of each other, in the middle of the dance floor. And it didn't just happen once, but twice. AND!! I went into the bathroom and I smelled it first - I was just trying to utilize the mirror and I looked to the right and there was yack filled to the brim of the sink. It was nasty. I came out of the bathroom and the people in line were like, "That was quick" and I was like, "Well yeah, there's yack."

S: I thought I was going to see more crazy last night. I expected more stunts and bananas. People need to drink more, I guess..We'll work on audio taping our crazy sidekick convos and upload those trillas straight to the blog.

R: In the Skeme of things...I have never danced so much. The fact that he played Lil' Kim and Jay-Z '90s joints! I almost sweated out my straight hair. The fact that it was such a mixed crowd was kind of cute, I thought. It was good. I might need a cookie in '08. I have a question. My question is, how did you manage to top off the night with your fly white and black leather fit?

S: With your gold and black sparkle wrap and blanging jewelry? Please. Rae, I expect that fit to make frequent future appearances. You looked like a damn present. Gorgeous.

R: There are certain ensembles that should only be brought out once.

S: Like Princess Di's joints.

R: In the words of my husband, Mr. Fiasco, "Where's the Champagne? We need Champagne!"