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...in case you missed it...



Apple Tat

The "Apple Man" that Malik drew on his Sharpie rampage finally came to life today.....and of course I took pictures.

afrter the "Apple Man" found a nice, warm, loving home on my forearm...I stopped at Saras job...which has a HUGE Bert & Ernie...hanging....on the celing....I kid you NOT!

I was also reminded today that I am NOT the ONLY EAGLES FAN IN PORTLAND!!! *starts to sing* FLLLYYYYY EAGGGLLESSS FLLLLLLYYYYYY!


Massive 5

Massive 4 - Part One from Sebastian Jaramillo on Vimeo.

It's going to be huge, ginormous, gargantuan, extra large, over sized, heavy weight. Massive.

Email Leigh at twocliche@gmail.com to get on his weekly shout out list and for details to free entry for his monthly Massives.

xoxo - S.


Dear Skateboard P,

...this is why you STAY on my Top 3 Boo's List (thats always growing)... I promise your number 1 though...

courtsey of Von Pea...via Twitter...


So Fresh So Clean 2009 | ♥

2nd annual So Fresh So Clean, hosted by the PSU Breakin' Club and the Apple Juice Crew. It was amazing beyond words. 750 kids through the doors, all dipped head to toe in premeditated 80's outfits. Break dancing, graffiti art, deejays and emcees. My heart lives for days like this. Huge thank you and shout out to Mighty Moves of Def Con 5, the Apple Juice Crew and PSU's Breakin' Club, who did an incredible job.

Arian Stevens, esteemed Portland photographer and hella fly fella came and took genius flicks of the jam. Google him, send him a thank you note and hire him to come immortalize your next festivity.


And Mighty Moves and the boys were featured on the AM news promoting the event. Yippee!


See you all in day glo next year.

xoxo - S.


I Believe I Can Fly...

A dedication to Jamiah.



Like it's 1983 | ♥

Last year was redonkulous. I thought my heart was finna explode when 500 high school kids showed up in shell toe Adidas kicks, fuzzy Kangols and matching sweat suits. I can only hope this year is as delicious.

myspace.com/psubreakinclub for more info

xoxo - S.


Ummm, Rae?

If I cop these, could we walk across Burnside together holding hands and skipping happily over our AA leggings? I promise I won't even tag anything about your snatch on a billboard or bridge underpass. Happy Friday boo.

xoxo - S.


Madge for Louis Vuitton | ♥

50 and fabulous, Madge has gone and done it once again. She is all over the globe, in every high fashion magazine available, looking freakishly stunning and model'ish for Louis Vuitton. LV's new line of handbags are dripped in luxury, stamped all over with their signature logo pattern and feature thick roped drawstrings, accented with over sized colored wooden beads. Wish listing one now.

xoxo - Sara

Keelay & Zaire | Vapors Mag

La vida loca. Crazy Monday yesterday. A crack head stole my wallet from work. The only thing to pull me out of my poor-me pity party was finding out that my first piece for Vapors Magazine went live this morning. I did an interview with Trek Life and Oddisee before this one so hopefully that'll get some shine soon too. Huge major shout-outs to Elosi and J.K.


xoxo - S.


Black Love

BET was good for something once upon a time...



A Mr. Minh Tran Test Shoot

I ran little thumbnail versions of these a while ago and now here they are for full viewing mode flavor. Big squeeze to Mr. Minh, The Twins, the girls and to Portland, for being amazing as she wants to be.

xoxo - S.

Ragen...eerrrr..ummm...I Mean Laura's Song

off of Donwill's upcoming project Don Cusack in High Fidelity.

*double swoon*

...can we just go ahead and officially make this week Tanya Morgan Week?!?!?



Rae is...So Damn Down *SWOONS*

I've been MIA...and when I'm MIA from the internet world...I MISS OUT ON BEAUTIFUL THINGS LIKE THIS!

Ladies and Gentleman..B-Boys & B-Girls...Babies Mama's and Babies Daddies...I present to you So Damn Down from my favorite group of boys MEN in THHEEE WOORRLLLLLLDDD! Tanya Morgan!

I plan on moving to Brooklynati as soon as April hits and marrying EVERY. SINGLE. MAN. that lives there.

These boys make me so, so, so HAPPY!



Go By Train | Test Shoot

A Doug Hoeschler, Amy Gillepsie, Lia Richardson and Sara Moski production.

xoxo - S.

K'Naan's City Of God

TONIGHT! At Berbati's Pan!


xoxo - S.


Hanif Collins is Luck-One Conscious


Catch him in living color tonight at Berbati's Pan for his album release party for Beautiful Music, Hanif's sophomore solo LP.

xoxo - S.