Happy MaMa's DAY!!

If it was up to me, it'll be Mama's Year. But whatever...I digress. I get IrrAnnoyed *See the Trilla Dictionary* with the whole MASS TEXT messaging thing, therefore I don't waste your text or mine. I rather tell the WHOLE WORLD and YOU...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MAMA'S DAY! WE ALL CAME FROM ONE...So in the words of the great philosopher Ice Cube...BOW DOWN!! As a Mama I KNOW it's hard WORK, but it's one of the greatest blessing in the world.

If you're feeling a little left out this year HAVE NO FEAR!!!

You can always rent one! (only in the NW do you see things like that*SMH*)

See?!?!? MaMa's Day is fun for the whole family!!!

And now, for our special MaMas Day selection..

Mama Rae♥

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