Paper Doll Fashion

Last night, Shanniqua and I supplied the sound system for Heather Treadway's Paper Doll Fashion trunk show, held over at Olio United in industrial South East.

Heather's designs are functionally fabulous; pleated dark denim cheerleader skirts accented with bright trim, full-collared cotton hoodies and the prettiest 80's throwback Spring jackets I've seen since moving back from Manhattan. With full, diagonal, thick zippers, a mixture of shiny nylon and geometrically-patterned florescent cloth, over sized, full hoods and fun pockets and snaps placed everywhere, it was old school love at first sight.


The ravishing Rachel Brady worked her magic on the turntables and also did all the model's hair (which were impressive, dusty up-dos stuck with multi-colored, over-sized picks) and makeup. And yes, she's very hot and very talented.

One random snap of Rach, because she's so humbly delicious.

Ayo Shawwwwttyyy

....I swear...these are the type of guys that approach me...ALLLLLL THEEE TIMMEE!!!



A3C We Heart You

I wanna see footage like a mofo.


Last Night

Hit Aura for some true school sounds on deck and then off to the Someday Lounge to blow kisses of congratulations to Ohmega Watts for his video premiere party of Eyes And Ears off his latest album, Watts Happening (which can be purchased in LP and CD format at 360 Vinyl...).

Family cameos by our own Rae, who also provides vibrant vocals for the track, Da'rel Jr. and Portland B-boy Random One.


House SlippUGHs?!?!

..I got these sneaks a moment ago. I haven't had a chance to really stomp in them besides the store and quick runs to the _____.
As I was doing a lickle spring cleaning around the crib..I slipped on these fantastic things. MY FEET FEEL LIKE THEY'RE WALKING ON CLLLOUUDDDDD 9 (c) John Legend!! I've neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr put my foot in something sooo comfortable. These surpass the comfort of my wallys by farrrrrr!!! I've officially turned these hot things into my house slippers. I Gotta do it! It's only right!


I'm from L.A...therefore my house slippers go much further than the crib...

Look What We Done Started....


So fresh. So clean.

Our Apple Juice Crew tree had a doosie of an event Saturday. With enough Aqua Net in our bangs, leg warmers on our calves and midriff-baring net half tees covering our nipples to give 1983 a run for it's doe, the posse stormed Hoffman Hall on Portland State University's campus for So Fresh So Clean.

The event, a mash-up 3 vs. 3 battle, all-out 80's dance party and proceed benefit for an elementary school dental program that tells the kiddies to brush, floss and be easy on the Now n' Laters was so much fun that I passed out in the corner at least once. I overheard lots of, "I feel like I'm on the set of Beat Street. This is tight!"s and witnessed flashes of flourescent flailing limbs and mullet wigs in Mighty's clever Bounty Hunter cypher circles. Barry Hampton and The Tirple Grip orchestrated live covers of, "The Mexican" and "Apache", Julian twirled Prince covers and Matt Nelkin, Kid Shilo and Demetre Baca brought it back three decades on wax. We served up homemade 1st place "Freshest Dressed" trophies and Compound gave away bags of treats to the top two crews.

We were at maximum capacity 15 minutes after the doors opened, and after I peeled myself up off the carpet following the initial stampede, my first call wasn't to Emanuel but the fire marshall, begging that I'd make him up a goodie bag too if only he'd leave the clicker counter at the pad.

All in all, we chalked up another success notch on the wall. Juice Jam 2008, duck and cover...