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Hi Rae love of my life!!!! Look, I realize we talk / text / ichat / ivideo / gchat / mypace / email / send smoke signals no less than 18 times every 24-hour period, but I feel like I broke our blog code these last few days keeping a chair on the second floor of WWeek warm so I fiddled with this silly (and yet, highly addictive) apple cam and am photo-posting you back. Tag! You is it! Xoxo.

Ohh and for everyone else who actually reads this little Portland experiment - Here's a quick snap synopsis of the last week. The Juicers stayed busy, the hive was buzzing with productivity and all the apples are well and accounted for.

And Joshy in Seattle - I seent you boo boo! Pancakes at 3am!

Our local tenacious emcee teddy bear, Theory Hazit, has been spinning riddims at a spot called Billy Bangs, over under the water tower in Johns Landing. The staff is positively peachy (they traded Rae and I a basket of thick steak fries and mixed juice elixirs for all the hip grinding we accosted their dance floor with), there are plenty of snuggly booths to squeeze into and then of course, there's Theo, who walks with swagger and plays the jams.

The Apple Juice Crew tree welcomed the emotional, inspiring, globally-connecting Planet B-Boy to town. We collaborated with Elephant Eye Films, the production company who made Planet B-Boy possible and hosted an open cypher in the lobby of the Fox Regal Theatre smack downtown.

Shannon brought the decks and played breaks and a nice chunk of local b/boys and girls came out and endured rug burns for the cause. And we were given movie tickets to give away to the kids near and dear to us and devoted to Portland's scene. Planet B-Boy is a must, must, must-see. The film is still showing through Thursday...

The thick weekend ended with a 2 on 2 battle and uprock contest held at Liberty Hall in North Portland and hosted by the Dynasty Rockers, who drove up from sunny San Diego, and the Zulu Nation chapter of Oregon (which is run by the Portland homies). The DR boys were flossy, decked out in highly personalized black leather vests and letterman's jackets. Their merch table was adorned with DR stickers and skulls and they ran a tight uprock ship.

Forever We Rock sweated out the uprock contest with a fierceness and even though he represented dolo, he shined for his crew and won the Best Uprocker title. But he's not from here...Malik wins the honorary title (he came in a close second).

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