Man Friday

I'm gonna keep it simple. MAN FRIDAY'S: An ode to DOPE, REAL, UNQIUE, SWAGGER-FILLED, MEN. The world is lacking the appreciation for these fine, rare beings. If you're looking for Chris Brown and LiL Wayne...GO THAT WAY --->!! Only the FLY survive here.

This week's MAN FRIDAY MAN:
Andre Benjamin

LADIES..how could you NOT wanna cry tears of joy?!?!?
FELLAS...how could you NOT wanna take notes?!?!?!?
He takes the word rara avis and brings it to an entirely NEW level.
And y'all KNOW I'm a sucka for a man who takes care of his kiiiidddssssss! I'm just sayyyyinnnnnnnn. *wow I think I got REALLY hood on that one*

Gawk, plan imaginary weddings, plan your life together...boys go ahead and try to be him...he'll be here for a week.


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