Good day, good day. As I stated on Wednesday...your getting TWO for the price of ONE this week. Thank my lazy butt later.
I'm gonna cut the small talk.

Alright, alright ALRIGHT!

This weeks MAN FRIDAY MAN:

AHHHH YESSSSSS!!!! Hold on let me sit down for this one. This MAN...WooOooO LAWRDHAVEMERCY... THIS MANNNN!!! I never forget hearing Soul Sista for the first time. *sigh* It was at a time when being a strong WOMAN let alone BLACK WOMAN was not what was hot in the streets (for some sad reason...it's still not)! I remember being in high school and FIGHTING to be heard...because I wasn't like the rest of....them (whoever THEY were...and sill are). That song made me feel so STRONG and POWERFUL! It was my theme song for being...ME!
This Man. selah This MAN! He's a powerful singer...his words will make your knee's weak. His arrangements will make you feel like you've left this planet. I promise you by the time your done listening to ANY of his music.. I don't care if your MALE or FEMALE...you'll be pregnant! It's that good!!
Oh and the stuff he's done with Sa-Ra!!!
Can we please have a moment of SILENCE!


AND FINE...OH MY THATS AND UNDERSTATEMENT!! I've vowed to name my next pet Bilal (because I think it's corny to name your kids after current musicians) in honor of his BEUATY! It's the BEST I could do.

Come on y'all...come back to high school with me...and just...just vibe out. Be proud to be you...be proud to have soul...let that linger...just...just walk with me...

MMmmmMM wasn't that nice?!?!?

As I always say..gawk, plan imaginary weddings, plan your life together...boys go ahead and try to be him...he'll be here for a week.


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