First Thursdays PDX! Liz C. Art Show! Jeah!

Bridgetown knows what's important. As soon as we feel the breaking rays of sunshine slink through the grey of lingering winter and get to soak in the ittiest bittiest bit of Vitamin D, we kinda go nuts. Everyone and they moms comes out the house. The courts have fly boys doing lay-ups. The streets have bikers doing zoo bomb tricks. The ice cream trucks crank their megaphone tunes. Life is gull.

First Thursdays in the Pearl are also gull. Adidas Originals reps hard for the occasion. Last night, the free Widmer was flowing, newly-opened haute cafe du jour Mercado supplied free treats, b/boys Marco, Malik and Rusty got free gear and 12" breaks to dance to by DJ Wicked behind the decks, Risky Star and baby sis shared the mic for a free set while Wicked dropped the instrumentals and everyone in the place got to drool over Liz C.'s art installation for way free.

Liz's stuff is lush. 2 x 4s coated with colors that pop, collage fun, fuzzy balls, sharp outlines, all tagged with balloons. And umm, she spelled out HYPHY in mega-sized rainbow old school fridge magnets. Seriously. Fucking fab. All the delicioso is no surprise considering the artist. Liz is a petite shawty with enough stylee to give AA (that's American Apparel, thanks) and Adidas Originals a punch for their Franklins. I'ma get ahold of her to speak on it soon but until then, enjoy the images and bring yo butt out the house next month.


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