It's technically Friday. You know what that means beautiful people!?!? Beautiful MEN! It's Man Friday *insert theme music here*
I took some TIME to really think about what fly male would reside in Trillville this week. To be honest...it was up until I started typing this post...that i actually decided who this lovely Man Friday Man would be.

Without further ado

This weeks MAN FRIDAY MAN:
Oveous Maximus

This fly Dominanco not only looks like the truth...he speaks it. An ILL poet with a very ILL style. It's hard not to be captivated by the mere essence of this MAN.

Instead of telling you everything that makes this MAN amazing..I'm gonna show you..

Hooligans. Take notes.

As I always say..Gawk, plan imaginary weddings, plan your life together...boys go ahead and try to be him...he'll be here for a week.


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