Ode To Binny.

You! You...you...*gasp*

I had to pause Attotment (I was in the middle of daydreaming about Keira Knightley's faboulous dress and how I could flip it for my wedding dress) just to discuss this.

This mofo...PUT ME ON BLAST!

I shouldn't even be linking this right now!!!

BINNY!!!!!!! Seriously??!? I look so uncool right now. It's taken my Trillaness down a couple of notches. Now what are people going to think of me when they see me in the streets?!?!?! You've crushed my hard shell! I kinda feel exposed like Ja-Rule or Prodigy and the whole tutu thing!

People don't need to know what resides in my hello kitty wallet!!! And..correction!! My walls do not consist of any of his photos...yet.
But for real...do you think I'd be on some ol' Michael Jackson Thriller Tour..passing out and ish when he comes to town??? I'm nervous.

It's all good though. I'll just have to let the whole world know about your extreme passion and love for...

I think you said something about how she was the flyest rapper to ever step on this earth.

I think you were talking to Jamiah about getting "No Limit Mia" tattooed across your chest.
Awwwww that's "TRU" (pun intended) thug love!

I ♥ you Binny!!


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