Wednesday Man Friday *I couldn't wait*

Yes..I know i missed last Fridays Man Friday...SUE ME. I was going to hit y'all with the double this Friday and give you two for one.
That was until this fly mortal was refreshed in my man memory. *sigh* Sara please add him to THE LIST.

ONE of this weeks Man Friday Man (on a Wednesday):
Derek Luke

The BooBoo is best known for his role in Antwone Fisher...and you'll soon see him in the movie Notorious (amongst others) which outlines the life and death of everyone's favorite Coogi wearing rapper Notorious B.I.G..
When boobie isn't killing them softly on the silver screen, he spends his days with his FLY Latina wife(she beat me to it) and super super fly little one.
Andre said it best....YOU ARE THE PROTOTYPE...and since I can't have this one...a girl can definitely dream.

I'm gonna have to leave you with a special treat *for both my ladies and my fellas of course*

FANTASTIC RIGHT?!?! Sir Luke killed it and Ms. Keys...is simply AMAZING!

Boys & Girls...TAKE NOTES!

As I always say..gawk, plan imaginary weddings, plan your life together...boys go ahead and try to be him...he'll be here for a week and a HALF.


This was NOT my special treat I spoke of yesterday...but this SURE IS GOOD!

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