Waiting For The # 44

Just another day waiting for public transportation on 5th Ave. and Couch St.

Chinatown only spans a geographical area of about eight city blocks but has managed to encompass all of Portland's finer drug negotiations, corner crack-head showdowns and on rare occasion, quality run-ins with the neighborhood's local Ethiopian transplants.

We stay steady.

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, i actually spent a club hoppin night kicking it with this exact guy.

Most random night, true story: it was Roshawn's makeshift bachelor party and him, his dad and his brother were hittin the spots in China Town. Somehow during the night they had some kind of random run in with this dude and he took a liking to them so he followed them around and said he was going to show them (who are all not from Portland)the most poppin spots to be in Chinatown (which apparently was The Amazon, which = shitty dive bar). So when i met up with them this guy was their new best friend they never knew they had.

Funny thing is: this guy apparently forgot that about a month prior to this random meeting, Roshawn had almost gotten into a fight with this same guy outside of the Rockbox over crazy dude drunkenly talking shit to Roshawn. But Roshawn, being the chill cat he is, must have decided to forgive instead of wreck shop.

I said to myself "fuggit, lets go get some drinks" and spent the night getting a crazy tour of about 2 blocks worth of Chinatown from Captain Random and I never looked back.