Up To Bat: Pretty Ugly

Ambiguity, enigma, swagger with just a touch of afflatus, proving they got they mind right years ahead of the rat pack comes to us Pretty Ugly, a twinkling new tee line upstart by home fries Elton Sherman, Phillip Nguyen and James Grady.

When the 7th period bell sounds, the young bloods are in the bat cave, plotting. They're currently chugging through the pleasures and perils of high school and recently decided to tag team and dedicate their skills and swagger to the wide world of fashion. They're so fresh off the bench that the website is still under construct but as Jessica Alba sweetly remarked repeatedly in Honey (I love that damn movie. Yes, I admitted.), their flavor is hot.

Head musketeer Elton took one for the team and kindly dove into the Q and A's as I attempted to crack the cabal. Rae and I get to say we knew them when.

Who's Pretty Ugly?
Pretty Ugly is a cult (just kidding).

What's Pretty Ugly?
Pretty Ugly is a creative project that I started with my best friend / partner Phillip Nguyen about a year ago. We always
had the same taste as far as culture goes. We later added visual beast James Grady. Pretty Ugly came to me with the thought of how the world is. I'm no activist, but I just wanted to express myself through tangible things, creative ideas, and to have a cult (kidding again) of people who were willing to do the same thing. It all came to me with the thought of how the world is. You have the Pretty, you have the Ugly. That basically sums everything up.

Why tee-shirts?
I really love t-shirts. I liked Rickey Kim's aspect on why clothes are to be made when he came up with the theory about Adam and Eve being stripped of their clothing and that with that being done, they had to learn to cover themselves to hide the shame. I just follow that, not that I'm trying to be religiously joined with any thoughts on if there were an Adam and Eve or not, but I just agree with the theory.

Who gets nominated to be the ultimate Pretty Ugly mascot?
Obama for ya mama!

What inspires the Pretty Ugly trio to create for the line?
Everything inspires what we do. I usually get my inspirations from society. The things I've seen,
the things that really stick out to me. I can't really be more elaborate with how we come up with the things that we do. It comes from how we grew up, to today's culture. We're inspired by anything.

Are you all the "cool guys" on campus?
Being at school, I just try to keep social with my peers and stay friends with everyone. I'm a friendly type of guy and is basically accepting of anyone, but I'm not the one to say that I'm cool. My arrogance is bad enough as it is.

What entails a super groovy fun afternoon for the Pretty Ugly posse?
Downtown Portland, Uptown Troutdale. That's all we need.

Why not wait until you graduate to forge the fashion path?
I've asked myself that just as well, but if you have the resources to start something, why wait?

Describe the pretty ugly fit for Obama when he gives his first presidential speech. In other words, what would Obama wear?
Pretty Ugly wayfarers. He'd win for sure.

How can the world keep track of Pretty Ugly doings?
www. prettyuglyonline. com

Last three books you checked out on your library card?
I don't check any books out anymore. I just see the ones I'm interested in, buy them, read them, then pass them onto friends who want to take a gander at them.

Surf or ski?

Lil Mama or Lil Kim?
I'm not in favor with lil girls. Haha.

GQ or Complex?
Complex by far. I need to subscribe to that, thanks for the reminder.

NE MLK Blvd. or SW Couch St.?
I used to live on Couch.

I like them both.

Cafeteria or ASB?
Cafeteria for sure.

Training Day or American Gangster?
Denzel Washington is great overall.

The pretty ugly his and her prom fits. Go.
Not sure. I've never attended a prom, so really wouldn't know.

Extras and shout-outs?
Pretty Ugly loves everyone.

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