?uestlove love love love love love love

Last night at the uber pretty / swanky / chi chi Saucebox (the Trillettes new fav spot to post up and write blueprints), a very VIP crowd was treated to a bowl of sugar from Philly. Our own shiny Rev. Shines opened up the decks, followed by a special two-hour set by Sir ?uestlove. So close to him it almost felt awkward.

Best set piece was when ?uest played Michael Jackson's PYT at normal BPM and then progressively slowed it down to match the tempo Kanyeezy uses for the sampled beat in Good Life. I'm not sure how many folks caught that but god bless ?uest for trying to educate the young (mostly white) youth. Sigh.

Note to fans: No matter how much you love this man, please do not get twisted and then try to give him dap while he's spinning. I watched at least four fugs (fake thugs) attempt this. To get the head shake "No" from a legend is an embarrassing folly to subject yourself to. And you automatically lose cool points, no matter how trill you are.

Special shout-out to Connie for letting me in the building. Much appreciated.

Xoxo - S.


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Jay Dub said...

That pretty dope, I heard he is suppose to be spinning at Neumos in Seattle tonight.

jayturk said...

I'm an asshole for not going to this aren't I? I was on the list and everything and I just didn't go. Oh well, life goes on.

Do you guys do any DJ nights during the week? I work at rotture on weekends and its all trance and whatnot. Not really my jam.

Also, speaking of jam, all Ive heard for the Juice Jam is Tanya Morgan and Theory Hazit. Is anyone else announced?

Anyways, this blog seems rad, I'm gonna keep an eye on it.