3T- Anything -

1995 and I played this album OUT.

For anyone that can send me the MP3 for "24/7" off their album "Brotherhood" wins, umm, wins, well shit, you'll just win a lot of really coolio trill points with me. And maybe we can like, go out and have Gelato together or something. But no promises.

Xoxo - S.


Anonymous said...

Girl if I knew how I would.......I'm old school, I could burn you a copy of the whole album:) --Chisa

TrillVille said...

Chisa Sweets - I HAD it! I HAD it! And I played the hell out of it on some ol' OMG they're so cute! And they're MJ's nephews! Whoah.

I'ma search the garage boxes for it...