I've been deemed "Trilla Stewart" by Sara due to my new found love for.. *cough* cooking *cough*. Today I took my Trilla Stweartness to the next level...we( Malik and I) explored a place that no Trilla has gone before...the Garden son!! You read it right...the dag on GARDEN!!!

Malik an I planted cucumbers...*sigh* I don't know if I even planted them things rights...on the real. I called myself being all earth friendly and took soil from an old flower pot and recycled the dirt in a new one. I screamed about 5 or 6 times...due to surprise visits from unwanted bug friends...or "buzzy guys" as Malik calls them.

A Trilla even got DIRT under her nails ( you know that got scrubbed out PRONTO)!!!

I'll update y'all on the cucumber growth and all that....I think I may even name the survivors...I'm thinking something like DMCucumber...Rah Cucumber and Big C.... OooOoO How about the NOTORIOUS CU.CUM.BER!!!

We'll see.

Trilla Stewart

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