Emcee Steelo : Invincible

Shapeshifters (Produced by Waajeed) - Invincible

Her name's Invincible, an upcoming emcee from Detroit. Off the Emergence label. What do y'all think of the sound?

Xoxo - S.


theScholar3000 said...

i've been up on Invincible
for a while now. love her
music, can't wait to hear

Kenny Fresh said...

uhh... i think this sounds like the mofo'ing FUTURE :D

I held the unofficial listening party for her new album, ShapeShifters, in my car in the Chesterfield parking lot last night. Basically... no one was allowed out until they were sold. Luckily, it didn't take long. LOL

I'll send you guys her new video tomorrow when we put it up.

Anonymous said...

i think invincible is one of the most important mc's that detroit has produced, gender aside at that...

she is the shit

nice blog ya got here by the way :)

S. Dot said...

Kenneth Fresh! You didn't get the proper dues for this post shon so lemme set the record straight right this momento:

Sir Kenny Fresh was the FIRST jawn to speak on Invincible to me. And then my home skillet who works with the Emergence label mailed me the CD so I've been recently getting acquainted. It takes a lot for emcees to impress me these days so I'll keep you posted...

Thank you K. for keeping me in the loop.

Binny said...

Invincible is too dope. She is definitely on the list for people who are going to matter in the game in 5 years. Album is crazy. There is something about this chick that makes you want to fight the president with an axe and shield haha

Ra Boogie said...

I first heard Invincible on the "Ecko Unltd Underground Airplay" mixtape when I was in the 11th grade, and that shit changed my life. She's one of the reasons that I picked up a pen and started writing rhymes.

With lines like:
"You're lovin the sound of your own voice, I hold mic's like I'm pro-life, leaving you no choice",
and "You ain't a leader, follow, The right to passage, I'm surviving crashes, bring it back together like the uni-brow on Frida Khalo" (sp?)......
She proves time and time again why she's "one of the best period, not just one of the best with breasts and a period".

I've maintained that stance for a minute. She's not just one of the nicest female emcees I've ever heard, she's one of the nicest emcees I've ever heard, male or female.

And Ra Boogie don't like wack ish, so you know she's dope!