I've slacked on this...I know. But to be honest things have been hectic for myself...and I find Man Fridays slipping my mind. I may switch it to MAN of THE MONTH.

This Friday's Man comes from my heart.

This weeks Man Friday is:
Maurice Fykes III

None of you know him. However, he's the dopest person I know. He put me on to Cab Calloway when I was still in Kindergarden. We'd post up in his art room listening to Miles' Sketches of Spain while drawing everything from fish to human bodies. We spent evenings in his pottery class at El Camino College and had the pleasure of watching him "throw pots" in our garage in Harbor City.
LoL he relived his bid in the Navy by taking me on ship tours of docked Navy ships. He can tell you the name of any military plane on ground or 10,000 feet in the air. LoL you should stop by when he's playing his war games on the computer...he'll cut you if you interrupt.
He taught me how to play Helicopter on his old Apple.
He'd help me and encourage me to pass those damn complicated levels on my super Nintendo
HA! Remember when we found that bike in the driveway and you had me wait for a week to see if someone come and claim it, and two weeks later it became my NEWWW BIKKEE!?!?!
I get my humor from him.
I get my "whatever it will be, will be" from him.
I get my drive and my motivation from him.
LoL I even look like him.

He's my Pop.

I haven't told him I loved him enough....and it sucks that times like these are what reminds you of that.
I LOVE YOU DADDY. Please get better soon...Malik really wants to play chess with you and I need to really hear you do your impression of Flavor Flavs "WOOOOOOOOoOoOOW". Oh and we have to hit up El Pollo Loco too.


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TrillVille said...

Awwww Rae. I felt the tears well up with this....

My heart goes out in its entirety to you and your father. He is an amazing man and I know he will get through this like the strong man he is.

I love you so much. Please know my thoughts are with you every moment today.