Eartha Kitty

The sad part is...I would probably cop one of these for my cat. However, this is coming from the person who attempted to put her cat in a Louis Vuitton purse upon leaving the humane society. I think I still have a scar from that experience.

At KittyWigs.Com your Puss can be styling and profiling in the latest kitty hair styles. Her (or His..for the male cats that have a little sugar in their tank) feline friends will be asking "OOooOOO GIRLLLL WHO DOES YOUR HAIIIIR?!?!?" or they might even get hit with the "YOU GOT THAT GOOD HURRR!!"...all for just the low price of 50.00 plus shipping and handling! I'm sayin...people have no problem dressing their dogs better than they do...why not give the kitties a lickle love too!?!?


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