My Favorite Color is.....Green.

Al Green to be exact.

I have no words...this man gave me chills! This is HOW YOU SANG!!! This is how I aspire to sing. This is SINGING THE SONG. The emotion of every word clings on to your soul with a death grip. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE!!

Oh but it ain't even DONE YET! Jill, Anthony,& Maxwell...WOoOooooOOO!! JESSSSUUUSSSS!!!

Maxwell came back with a bang!! And ladies...WoOoOoo LADIES!! HEYYYYY BOOOO!



Nora said...

Hey I saw that earlier you posted Tanya Morgan's The Bridge EP. My company services Tanya Morgan and a lot of other artists to online blogs and websites. What is your email?

TrillVille said...

Our email addy is Trillaboos@Gmail.com