She's Got The WHOoOoOoLE Worlddddd Aka Yet Another Sara Dedication

BUMP WHAT YO MAMA SAY...Lloyd's high pitch vocals and good huurr always come correct! I'd almost buy this song off of iTunes but I don't wanna ruin HIP HOP my street cred. I can see backpackers across the globe turning against me! He he he =) This video is dope... minus everyones favorite drug smuggler AKA "the greatest rapper alive" (yeaaaaahh you've been drinkin too much syyyzzuurrpp homeboy). All the little girlies got on their AA swimsuits and what not (i'd try something a little bit more rara avis...but I digress). GO AHEAD booboo's! Or shall I say GET IT SHAWWTYYY GET IT SHAWWTTY!


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