Samba Soul at Crush Bar

Ooog. So fly. Our girl Saqualla (and fellas, she's quite happy with her long-time boo so look but don't touch) not only owns her own banging nail shop called Divassi Nails on 35th Ave. & B'Way but she and a friend started Samba Soul - A troupe of honeys who don eye-popping costumes and perform their original samba dances all over town.

Sha Na and I drank deelish cocktails and ate flourless chocolate cake at Crush, located on the corner of SE 15th & Belmont. Yes, Crush caters to many a gay and lesbo-themed shindigs but it's also one of the prettiest and nicest bars in town. Woody and Mitch, the owners, are dope people with a flair for art, perfectly-stirred libations and booking amazing acts like Samba Soul.

Go there soon. And peep the wine bottle chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling and the peek-a-boo wall art that the boys made. Clever and stunning.

Double Kisses - S.

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