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Morgan Bass / 22 / Apparel Design student by day, Doug Fir fantasticness by night / 6:25 pm Saturday outside Active Culture frozen yogurt on SE Morrison
My outfit today is actually all really cheap stuff. My top and my bottoms are from Forever 21 and my shoes are from Target. The sunglass were left at my boyfriend's bar and my necklace I got at a store off Alberta. The lady said the little feathers were carved mammoth teeth or bone and the other little charm I found there too.

Stephan Alexander / 24 / Marketing / 12:32 pm Thursday outside Backspace Cafe
Pretty much, I went wake-boarding yesterday and I felt like I needed to wear sailor attire. These are old jeans, a Christian Dior shirt that I found at the bins, some sun-bleached Vans and sunglasses I got in New York.

Ibrahim Moustafa / 23 / HR / 12:40 pm Thursday outside Compound
The shirt I purchased from Paulskee from Mighty Four at Massive Monkey Day (in Seattle, WA) two years ago, after the popping battle. The shorts are from Zumiez. I don't wear shorts a lot but it's been warm lately. And I just had to match it with the plaid on the low-top dunks that I got at Journeys. Every now and then you can find some really dope stuff there.

This is Shawn Jackson and he is fly. His album, First Of All, is in stores now and it is amazing so go out and purchase it, preferably from 360 Vinyl. Rae and I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with him this morning. That interview will be up on Trillville as soon as I get done transcribing it.
1:55 pm Thursday outside Backspace Cafe
He's wearing :
Jacket by Fresh Jive
Tee-Shirt by Eksobition
Cap by C1RCA

Carl Leonard Roberts / Young at heart / Old Town China Town Neighborhood Association / 2:14 pm Thursday outside Backspace Cafe
The hat is from my heritage, I got it from a little Scottish shop on 36th and SE Powell. That's where you can get all your Scottish stuff, tartans and all that. I put all the trinkets on it myself. The larger feathers are Eastern Ring-Necked Pheasant, there's a Crow feather and there's a Chicken feather that fell out of my Dreamcatcher so I put it on my hat.

Xoxo - S.

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