Another sibling shout-out.

I know this won't mean much to you trillas and trillos but the fact that my brother was walking down North 4th between Bedford and Driggs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other day and took a snap of the Mass Appeal piece in dedication to their 50th issue is like, illy and speaks to how well this man knows me.

He was likely going to or coming from an office where he receives collect calls from inmates doing time at Rikers as part of a summer internship for law school. Not that I'm bragging or boasting or anything. Just saying. Juan Quinaraes in D3 has his back.

And not that he needs protection in Billysburg. No one needs protection there. Maybe just the locals. From all the inebriated hipsters yacking in their trash cans. I remember...

Xoxo - S.

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