Bi-Coastal Trailblazers

This blog represents how thick-blooded true Portland natives are. How hard-core, die-hard, gravy and gully we are.

Exhibit A - The homeboy Keith aka Cold Keith aka Snowflake Abrams aka Ad Account Executive Extraordinaire:

He makes gobs of dough ray mi for Mass Appeal and Missbehave mags out of a grimy office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He loves it there. He is daily surrounded by leggy, gorg trillas who would shank your ass if you so much as drank out of their Sparks without the green light. Sometimes he blesses Rose City with his Jew-filled presence but this doesn't happen very often so don't hold your breath.

In grave error however, and in spite of all his decent qualities, he tried to style on me from an East coast distance.

Exhibit B - My snap is way older and therefore, wins this contest but, like I said, Bridgetown babies can't let the good Blazer fight go so g'head with our matching fits K-boo! I see you.

Xoxo - S.

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