Dell's paying the rent next month

My sibling's boo is pretty. Pretty awesome. They live in New York, where her face is being played in between episodes of Wipe Out and High School Musical on prime time ABC because she scored a Dell computer commercial a few weeks ago and it's gone live.

So, she was already gorg and charismatic and now, slowly en route to land FAME. My sibling's basically the shit as well. Together, in their quaint Brooklyn apartment, they're enough to make you acid reflux a little in your mouth.

Love you Jish and Vero. Congrats.

Click HERE to see the commerical. It's the vid on the left (the "Colors" video for Inspiron) and Vero's the way adorable latin-flavored trilla in the last few frames applying lipstick while sitting on the back of the bus and looking flawlessly fabulous.

Get at me for booking. I only take 20% or a combination of "other" services. Holler.

Xoxo - S.


Josh said...

Sis, you're too sweet. Thanks for the love, and promo. I'll make you a deal: You book the gig, I'll get V there.

Big love from your little brother.

TrillVille said...

OMG. You left a comment....I feel dizzy. And woozy.

This is official tech-savvy sibling love and I adore it. And you. Okay, mostly just you. And maybe Juan in cell block D3. But him, only a little.