Izza Kizza

Theyre Everywhere - Izza Kizza

GEORGIE PORGIE (What Had happened Wuz) - Izza Kizza

Im The Izza Kizza - Izza Kizza

Push - Izza Kizza

Coming out of the Georgia peach trees with a fury, Izza Kizza recently stepped into the scene offering musical baskets of fruit and then some. With a mixtape titled Kizzaland scheduled to drop on July 29th, Izza is currently surrounding himself with Tim "Cock Diesel" Baland and 88 Keys on the production side of things. Other Kizza family includes Soul Diggaz, Atmos, Nick Catchdubs, Missy Elliot and Nelly Furtado.

Citing Outkast and Timbaland as influences, he's eclectic and a bit overwhelming right out of the gate. The sounds are kind of all over the place - a hefty dose of electro, a pinch of politico hip hop, crazy beats, flow is in the Magoo/Timbaland/Bubba Sparks vein. Even his photography attempts to capture the Cool Kids electro/backpacker crew as well as the clean, high profile glossy top 40 posse.

Are we feeling this? Comments, questions and concerns? Discuss.


Xoxo - S.

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Anonymous said...

kid is dope. mad different. i fuck with it heavy. seen him in Paste, Spin, and URB this month. may be the next shit. first time hearing it and im way into it.