I triple double ♥ Automaton & Equestrian

So, I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet. Sugar sweet. Sucrose sweet. Confectioner's powder sweet. Caramel-drizzled double-scoop cookie dough ice cream rainbow sprinkles and waffle cone sweet.

The above classic joint and vid is just one of a plethora of Razzleberry Kool-Aid-flavored bangers that my favorite pieces of candy in the city, otherwise known as deejays Equestrian and Automaton, will squeeze through the speakerboxes at a venue near you.

Equestrian and Automaton are THE trillest ladies to hit the decks in our fair city ever and forever. Solo, they each wreck shop (E.'s impeccable old soul and diva dance taste combined with her flawless butter blends make my heart melt and A.'s pop party platters and hyphy, new jack swing sets provide sweat glistened nights) and together? Oh goodness, together.

Together, in tag-team 2 x 4 fashion these two cream-filled cupcakes tear shit up. To pieces. The roof off. Sweat beads and flushed faces galore. They play the following parties and trust when I say it def behooves you to go. And wear layers. To shed.

- Pop Tart! at Holocene
- Limited Edition at Rotture
- Heavy Rotation at Pi-Rem every 2nd Friday of the month

The end.

Xoxo - S.

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