There's this little card game we like to play...

Actually, to be fair and because I love her so much and would never take credit for anything with her name on it, Rae introduced the posse to this one. It's called Spoons and everyone should play it at any function where loved ones are hanging out and/or alcohol is present. In this flick, both ingredients were accounted for. But we're the kind of fam that doesn't even need the Mike's Hard stuff. But it sure makes the shit more fun!

Check the clockwise table turnout : Bincent, Mighty Moves, Ri Ri, Flip Flop, Miss Bobbie, Devon The Dude and Rae Rae. And look how damn happy everyone is. Sigh.

Oh - And please note the illustrious Apple poster in the background. Just how we do.

Xoxo - S.

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