Corn on The Cob


Ha. Have you ever thought someone or something was DOPE AS CHANEL and then you realize how corny it really...truly is??? Or maybe it wasn't even dope to begin with....maybe it was just created....corny???

I was looking through my bookmarks(comp) and some of the things I saved..dang...why...how...mmmmm okayyyyy?!?!?!!?
What was I thinking?!?!?!? Or did this just morph into corniness overnight??

Or people!! See...with people..it's more so things that they do that make them somewhat to really corny.

For instance..I PERSONALLY THINK if your not AT a Kanye show (within the year) or Kanye himself...and your wearing these:

....I'm just sayin.....

And guys...*dead* ahhh the corny pick up lines..
Onetime I was told I had a "AURA"...(pause).

I also find it HILARIOUS and CORNY...seeing MALES & FEMALES in the club with their BLUETOOTH headset thingy on. There, I said it.
Can you really hear...IN THIS CLUUUBBB(c) URsher

Next week, I'll make sure we go into COOL CORNY 101 (thats me)


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