Ode To Clawz♥

I never forget the day I made up mind...I was gonna cut off ALL my hair and go natural.


I Just got out of a LONG relationship (which produced my SONLIGHT).

My Mama got diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

3 days later my grandpa died.

I was nervous as HELL....and STRESSED as HELL.

I was rocking this ILL mohawk...with steps on the side...the job was halfway done.

But still...loosing what almost (well I thought at the time) defined me as a WOMAN...for whatever time it took for it to grow back...was a HUGE STEP.

I ran across this chicks myspace page.

Is...that?? NAH!! FA REAL?!?!? I remember her from Blackplanet...she was like the QUEEN of BLACKPLANET!!

She cut off all her hair too?!?!?

It was like an immediate support system. Not only did I meet another chick to help me along the "natural" journey....I met a FANTASTIC FRIEND!!!!!

Even though she's across the country...I hold her dear.

We are >< HERE.


And whats a Lady without her.....


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Clawz G. said...

AWWWWWWWWWW RaeRaeBoo! This really had me holdin' back tears! You don't even know how u kept me strong thru my napptural journey also! You are the sheee***ttt and the best FABFF EVERRRRRRR! Love you mamaz! ***hugzzz***