The B.O.P.

Aww diggity. These boys are like, the male versions of me and Rae. There's six of them, there's two of us (but there's six in our Apple Juice Crew. Does that count?). They write about important political stuff happening in the world today, we wax longhoric about Steve Madden's latest gladiator knock-offs. We're clients, they're the player presidents.

Okay, so maybe not that much alike BUT! they're hella cool and we adore them. They're spread out amongst the four boroughs of PDX so look out and maybe one day you too can have your snap immortalized on their well-crafted blog!

The above flick is Miss Ri Ri and yours truly in Chi Town for first Thursday. We were imbibing the ill art show (the artist is Evan B. Harris, our own apple tree Commenter-e's sibling! Talent runs in the family, obvi.) on walls now at Compound. Love to Chris-Money and the business lunch he and I will have one day...♥

The B.O.P.

Xoxo- S.


The B.O.P. said...

I mean if you all weren't so cute I wouldn't have to stalk you! Thanks for the pic though and we love what you gals do too. I'm sure will be seeing more of you, of course a little documentation on the Juice Jazzle is gonna have to happen!


TrillVille said...

You Sir Keith, are a gigantic pumpkin butt.

JUICE JAM 2008. You're in there like swimwear.

Xoxo - S.