Dear Jonas Brother ALeigh,

This was the only way I could top that comment.

Thank you for looking out for yours truly.

Are you sure they'll wanna holla at me over at JDATE??

That last dude did NOT work out at all. His mom was really supportive of her son (the woman made me PROMISE...like for real pinky promise... to email him)....but WOW. W.O.W.

It's still a work in progress...thank you for having my back on both though.



Leigh said...

My immediate reaction was 'WooooW.' Out loud with enough surprise one of my co-workers asked 'what's up?' Telling her I had been photoshopped over Kevin Jonas wouldn't do justice, so I had to show her the pic (btw - there are a few things wrong with being placed over Kevin - the first being that I know his name is Kevin, the second being that he is the least talented, the third being that he is the oldest. Are you trying I am too old to be a Jonas?!? Shit, I went from Homeless Jonas to Cashing My Bonus Jonas in no time). Anyway, I have digressed. My original point was to find you a good Jewish man. And while I could use this forum as a vehicle to make jokes (cough) I thought I would actually do some good... So, you want a jew with a little bit of flavor to him? Part accountant part b-boy? Can I suggest the man on the right.


Yes, dude on the left looks more jewy than him, but he isn't. You would know that if you saw him in person. Aesop is tall, and my people rarely come in his size. Anyway, I present to you dude on right. He is about his business. He owns a label. He is street. And.. he was voted to the Heeb 100 list. And.. I just happen to know him. So, sing it with me now - 'matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch.' And if you don't like him keep in mind that Kevin Jonas turns 21 in a few weeks. I just so happen to know him too.

Leigh said...

PS - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365957/