I ♥ Gift Of Gab. A lot.

Saw The Mighty Underdogs at Satyricon last night. Pre-show, thanks to help from our home fries at Def Jux (what up Miss K.!) and SPECTRE Music (what up Miss J.!) Kenny Fresh of the Freshest Selects and I had the pleasure of chatting with Gift of Gab and Lateef. The sound of Gab's voice takes me back a decade. I lived off Blackalicious and seeing him live for the first time, I can say with sincerity that he is simply fantastic.

Deception is one of my absolute favorite Blackalicious tracks. Gab performed it last night. I almost passed out.

I'll post the final Q & A with some extra goodies soon.

Pim Pim Pim & Don't Let Money Change You - S.

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