Brittany Bosco : ♥

I first stumbled upon Georgia peach Brittany Bosco several months ago. She had a handful of singles available on imeem and I thought her bubbly photos and sweet demeanor were adorable. Looks like she's been grinding...

Brittany's SPECTRUM EP download, available for your sticky mitts for a limited time only so jump on it.

Xoxo - S.


Devon said...

yo, did you all listen to that "black keys" track on her page? all samples and arrangement in it was me, and the drums were my man ec.dc(j72 at the time). haven't talked to the lady in awhile. she dope.


TrillVille said...

Awwwww boobie! Thank you for calling that out. Big L on my part. I'll make all the appropriate edits. You stay fly.

x - S.

alex said...

Really appreciate the post!
Stay tuned for more from Brittany and The Big Up!